To bring back the patient at the heart of the health care system, and guarantee an optimal follow-up of the patient during his hospitalization, this is the challenge of wearIT4health.

Our objective is the creation of a wearable multi-sensor monitoring device that is comfortable for the hospitalized patients and compatible with the IT infrastructure of the different hospitals of the Euregio Meuse-Rhine.

Come and discover an ambitious project, supported by the Interreg VA Euregio Meuse-Rhine Cooperation Programme, the Walloon Region, The Provincie Limburg of Belgium, the Provincie Limburg of the Netherlands, and all of the project partners.

First Advisory Board - 17.11.2017


The first wearIT4health Advisory Board was organised in Liège on Friday November 17 2017. Ten companies, active in the fields of health, sensors and wearable devices have actively participated to this meeting.

Test of several sensors


wearIT4health Researchers are presently testing several sensors. They progress on feasibility studies. Their first objective is to identify interesting sensors and develop them further. Sensors must be comparable, in terms of accuracy, to current clinical tools.

Exhibition 'I will be 20 in 2030'


wearIT4health is present at the Exhibition 'I will be 20 in 2030' at the Liege Guillemins Station from 23.09.2017 until 03.06.2018 with a T-shirt prototype.

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Are you a company active in the field of sensors and wearable devices? Are you interested in wearIT4health? We invite you to participate to our Advisory Board twice a year all along the project duration.

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